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Process 100 Orders in Time for One!

Process 100 Times More Orders and Keep Your eBay Store in Sync with Your Warehouse


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We Automate [and Optimise] Your Process

How long does it take you to process your daily orders AND keep your inventory in sync?

How about cutting it short by a factor of 100! All while eliminating manual errors, and creating an end to end operations machine on autopilot!

Just imagine the time you will be saving, hundreds of hours per month. That’s gotta be worth a fortune!

We begin by fully understanding and charting your daily operations and processes. Then we highlight areas where process can be improved, and produce final automation layout. This will be the blueprint of your operations. It will streamline your business processes while increasing efficiency and capacity, which leads to profitability and growth.

Below is a high-level example of process that we typically automate:

eBay Order Processing & Inventory Control

According to each situation and your requirements, we convert the blueprint to an autonomous application of an agreed format [Web Application, Excel Application, Desktop Application, etc.].

Put Your Operations on Autopilot!

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Inventory Management

That’s right, sky is the limit!

Get your Inventory Management System today in affordable package that ensures explosive ROI.

Control Inventory Now

Inventory, Price, & Quantity Control

Ever suffered from over selling, wrong pricing, making supplier orders just a bit too late? That must have cost lots of dollars, pain, and sad customer feedback!
These issues will be fast gone with the right technology. To build successful and sustainable eBay business, you must have proper Inventory Management System. This is pivotal for staying on top of your offline / online quantities, prices, and supplier orders.
You can manually manage up to 100 products with acceptable efficiency. Can you grow? Imagine the number of back-office support staff needed to manage 100’s and even 1000’s of products. Imagine having one system – on autopilot – doing all their work with enhanced efficiency. Imagine freeing up the staff time to perform value added type tasks that grow your business and profits!
This state of the art control system is part of the “blue print” explained above. It will take into account all your current processes, environment, and other considerations. By implementing such system, you will have the following amazing facilities:

  • Maintain a rich, detailed, standardized, and categorized database of all your products.
  • Assign SKUs [custom labels] to your products. You can add as many “aliases” as needed for each SKU.
  • Create product bundles. Either products selling in lots, or different products selling as a package.
  • Maintain “virtual quantities” on your eBay store. Use this if you do not wish to display the actual stock in warehouse.
  • Maintain warehouse or shelf quantities, reduced upon each order / replacement.
  • Ability to maintain stock across several channels.
  • Receive supplier order, adjust quantities, adjust prices, and costs.
  • Configurable Alerts. Low stock threshold, Order Lead Time, Out of Stock, etc.
  • Automatically mark items Out of Stock on eBay once reaching pre-set on shelf quantity.
  • Manually mark items as Out of Stock [if a need arises].
  • Adjust items prices in bulk. For example, to apply a discount or raise prices for a certain period of time.
  • Apply profit calculation formulas. Adjust items in bulk by changing variables in the formula.
  • Many others.

Why Choose Us?

Our primary objective is to shrink your processing time to absolute minimum. We know this is also your objective, it will save on labor and dollar, increase efficiency and promote growth and shorter time to market.

Our methodology is customer centric, not application centric. This means that we focus on you, your operations, your processes, and your operational environment. We do not sell you a ready-made application -the kind of one size fits all. We know that does not work!

This approach will save you money, you will not need to pay for “modules” you do not need or processes that you do not have. We are good for your cash flow.

Of course, like with all our services, you will get the following amazing benefits:

  • We provide you with a turnkey solution – guaranteed to increase your efficiency and ROI exponentially.
  • A single point of contact – normally a process engineer with extensive experience in eBay processing.
  • 5 Star Support – taking care of you from contract till you go live and beyond.
  • We offer heavily discounted hosting packages – this could come in handy when implementing web applications and databases.
  • Confidentiality and Security – We take those concepts very seriously, we never share your information and will NEVER ask for your eBay credentials.
VA Quality

Listing & Store Templates

Our listing & store templates will not only give you state of the art, modern, attractive, responsive designs, but will also guarantee 100% that you will never lose a trade again due to an unreadable product description over a mobile phone.


More Outsourcing Services

Bulk Listing Upload

Whether you have 10 or 10,000 listings, we help you upload them in one click. There is not a job too big or too small. Best of all, you do not need to share your eBay username / password!


eBay Buyer Communication

Our Virtual Assistants are trained to handle all sorts of buyers’ communication. They will work according to your policies and standards to handle professionally both simple and challenging situations.


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