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Bulk Listings: Preparation & Upload

Whether you have 10 or 10,000 listings, we help you upload them to your eBay store in one click. There is not a job that is too big or too small.

To work closely with you to build and prepare the data file, gather all required information about your products and performing necessary enhancements and adjustments. Then we do our magic and TA DA – listings uploaded!

To get a clearer understanding of what’s involved, the following steps are typical in such projects:

  • The first input to this task is all the optimized titles & categories for your products. If you do not have those, please check our other service: eBay Product Research.
  • Product SKUs [Custom Labels] are very important. If you do not have them they can be created automatically.
  • Product Images are as important as the title. Good quality, clear, and crisp images are key success factor. These usually come from your supplier. We provide image editing and enhancements where required.
  • Product Textual Description should be clear and comprehensive. This should also come from the product supplier / manufacturer.
  • We convert the textual content & images into HTML format incorporating your listing template. If you do not have one, please check our other service: Responsive Listing Templates
  • Other listing info are needed such as price, quantity, business policies, etc.
  • We build the data file, where each data subset represents a complete listing.
  • The datafile is then uploaded to your eBay Store in one go. Just by clicking one button you can get 1000’s of listings uploaded and start selling.

We realize how tedious that process can be if done manually. We also know that the available tools and software in the market are cumbersome and not user friendly. We are offering this automation service for your business leveraging technology that is only available to mega sellers.

Best of all, you do not need to share your eBay username / password!

Bulk Upload eBay Listings

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Choose the smart way!

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Update Listings in Bulk

It’s simple. You have lots of listings? They require tons of regular updates. We know that going through them manually one by one is not an option. A lot of times sellers’ stores -small and large- go unattended for months due to this horrible nightmare. Automation, in this case, is the only viable solution.

What makes things even more challenging is the ongoing need to perform this task repeatedly. The larger your store grows, the greater the responsibility, and the greater the need for automation.

We help you update listings in bulk by converting your store into a database which can be rather easily manipulated by selecting listings and applying changes. Data elements such as Listing Title, Price, Quantity, Specs, Category, SKU, and a wide range of other listing variables can be updated by few clicks.

As in all our services, your eBay access details are not required!

Listing & Store Templates

Our listing & store templates will not only give you state of the art, modern, attractive, responsive designs, but will also guarantee 100% that you will never lose a trade again due to an unreadable product description over a mobile phone.


More Outsourcing Services

eBay Buyer Communication

Our Virtual Assistants are trained to handle all sorts of buyers’ communication. They will work according to your policies and standards to handle professionally both simple and challenging situations.


eBay Product Research

We help you score best selling products and research top performing keywords and titles. In a niche market or across categories, utilizing a repeatable and proven methodology.


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