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Managing Your eBay Buyer Communication

eBay businesses live and die by the quality of customer service they offer to their buyers. Proven “online reputation” drives sales more than any other factor. It is what differentiates your business from others.

Today, eBay gives a lot of importance for maintaining positive online reputation. Cassini Search Engine rankings are affected by many factors, but when it comes to your online reputation the following play vital role:

  • Feedback Rating.
  • Feedback Context: This includes positive feedback containing some sort of dissatisfaction, which affects ranking negatively.
  • The promptness of responding to buyers’ messages.
  • The efficiency in resolving buyers’ issues and cases.

Immediate attention to buyers’ messages and issues not only results in better ranking, but can also convert an unhappy customer to a happy one and avoid undue negative feedback.

We know how much effort and attention you exert on guaranteeing your buyers’ satisfaction. Our Virtual Assistants are trained professionals capable of creating prompt, effective, and customer-oriented responses. All in compliance with your policies and standards.

eBay Buyers Messages
VA Quality

Why Choose Our VAs?

Our VAs are experienced in handling all sorts of accounts and products, across all categories. We have years of customer service experience. Our customers range from individual sellers with few emails per day, to larger seller with mainstream contact centre.

Our VAs are knowledgeable and updated in all eBay policies, and shortcuts. We know what is allowed works and what does not (a thing that keeps changing). Our personnel have been successful in removing and reversing negative and neutral feedback. The key is knowing which eBay policy that feedback might have violated.

Our proposition is simple. We offer cost effective bundles to allow you to control your cash flow with ease. We guarantee that the ROI you gain by using our service is highly profitable for your business. Large and small sellers alike, having the freedom to spend your time where it most matters makes all the difference!

Avoid the trouble of hiring, HR mess, and spending countless hours calculating taxes and benefits. Avoid those who jump ship when you need them most or right after you’ve finished training them. Avoid the liability and frustration.

Choose the simple way!

Start Outsourcing Today

Our Approach

Our objective is to do away with all the nitty gritty cumbersome tasks you face every day managing your store. These tasks drown eBay sellers and cloud their vision preventing true leverage of your time where it is most needed [growing your business].

The way we work with you depends heavily on the nature of your business. The following points can be generalized for most situations:

  • We will handle all your buyers’ messages, replacements, claims, cases, feedback, offers, etc.
  • We work along with your store policies. We can also help you coin your policies in compliance with eBay rules and customers’ best interests.
  • Scripts and Templates are especially useful when managing customers’ communication. This provides unified measurable experience, of course without losing the human touch.
  • Timely Replies are important for customer experience and search result ranking. Each message thread receives an automated confirmation, the VA then responds within hours in most cases.
  • Key Account Manager will be assigned to you as a one point of Contact.
  • Back-up VAs will be assigned to your account.
  • We take your security seriously. At no point in time we will be asking you for your eBay UserName and PassWord.
  • Confidentiality is critical to our success as it is for yours. Rest assured that at no time we will share your information with any third party.
  • Flexible Pricing Plans, you can select from our packages or simply opt-in for a free running time based service where you just pay for time utilized.
eBay Outsourcing Strategy

Listing & Store Templates

Our listing & store templates will not only give you state of the art, modern, attractive, responsive designs, but will also guarantee 100% that you will never lose a trade again due to an unreadable product description over a mobile phone.


More Outsourcing Services

Bulk Listing Upload

Whether you have 10 or 10,000 listings, we help you upload them in one click. There is not a job too big or too small. Best of all, you do not need to share your eBay username / password!


Order & Inventory Management

How long does it take you to process your daily orders and maintain your inventory? How about cutting it short by a factor of 100! Just image the time you will be saving, hundreds of hours per month. That’s gotta be worth a fortune!


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