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Researching Profitable Products

We help you score best selling products with repeatable, proven methodology. In a niche market or across categories. The research results will always be profitable products with proven sales record.

When finding products, we make sure that:

  • Product has above standard selling record for the past months.
  • Products selling price is comfortably profitable after deducting all expenses and eBay/PayPal fees.
  • Competition is neither scarce nor overwhelming. This criteria ensures that demand and supply are in the comfortable zone.
  • The price bracket is within the convenient range. Profit is not meaningful below $30, while customer’s buying decision is harder above $250.
  • No brand names (VERO), easy to source and ship from overseas.
  • Easy to package and mail to buyer.

Let’s max out on those free store listings, make each one a winner!

eBay Title & Keyword Research

Let’s optimize your listings now!

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Listing Title & Keyword Research

Your listing title is the single most important factor in eBay search engine ranking. Quality, keyword rich titles increase your sales by more than 100%.

Picking the right keywords and arranging them in a humanly understood context makes all the difference. Generally, when structuring the titles, the following high level rules apply:

  • Do not repeat keywords in the title.
  • Avoid using unnecessary “filler” words such as “New” or “Best Price”.
  • Avoid spelling mistakes.
  • Avoid stuffing keywords in an unreadable manner.
  • Make all efforts to use all 80 characters.

There are two sets of keywords:

  1. Keywords used by other sellers in their titles. Close attention should be given to best ranking and best selling titles.
  2. Keywords used by buyers in their natural organic search language.

These two sets are NOT the same, but they do overlap. We will make sure that most important subsets of both are covered in the research.

eBay Category Research

Once your listing title is optimized, it is time to look up the best eBay categor(ies) for your product. It is possible to list your products under one or more categories, the more the better ranking and higher potential sales.

eBay constantly evolves their search algorithm. Products fall under 6-level hierarchical categorization. Locating the “best” category for your products is substantial for your ranking. To understand how and why this is important, follow the logic below:

  1. All products listings in eBay fall under at least one category.
  2. You can list your product under one or more categories.
  3. Once a buyer is searching for your product, they will use a “search term”.
  4. eBay search engine [Cassini] splits the search term into keywords.
  5. The search engine creates a map for categories containing highest percentage of the keywords of the search term.
  6. The search engine creates another map for categories containing highest number of similar listings.
  7. The search results will show listings from the top categories first. Poorly categorized listings will show in later pages in the results.

If you want to sell more, you need to rank higher in search results. To achieve that, you need to KNOW that your listings are in the “best” possible categories. Our Category research provides you with hard facts. It shows you, for each listing title, where the highest keyword density is and where highest number of listings exist.

eBay Category Research

It’s all about location! Lucky it can be fixed.

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Supplier Research

Now that you have pin-pointed the products that you wish to sell, prepared your listings, optimized your titles and categories, it is time to import.

If you have been in this business for a while, you already know that you make the profit when-you-buy, not when you sell! It is vital that you strike a good deal with the best supplier!

In most cases you will be importing from China. A huge percentage of sellers reported being taken advantage of while conducting international trade. Trade gateways like Alibaba provide excellent means of protection for small and large importers. You do need, however, to leverage all kinds of tricks in the book to make sure that when you order apples, you don’t receive rotten tomatoes.

The last thing you’d want when looking for a supplier is to seek lowest prices. That is the surest path to the bottom of the well. You will almost always get “monkeys” when you pay peanuts.

Our researchers are experienced negotiators, we locate suppliers based on a strict formula combining quality, variety, price, lead time, terms, and after sales service.

eBay Supplier Research
eBay Competitor Research

Competitor Research

Know thy enemy, know yourself, and you shall win a hundred battles without loss.Sun Tzu

Knowledge is power. Power leads to control. Control leads to success!

Knowing how your listings benchmark to market is crucial for sustainability, growth, and success. Is your price the highest or the lowest? What is your market share?  Are you missing on important products? Do you have the right format and bundles? Knowing the answers to these questions -and more- will lead you to change something(s) about your business – guaranteed!

Our Competitor Research provides power of knowing your competitors: WHO sells WHAT, in Which format, for How much, and How often.

Let’s be your third eye

Get in the Know - Now

Listing & Store Templates

Our listing & store templates will not only give you state of the art, modern, attractive, responsive designs, but will also guarantee 100% that you will never lose a trade again due to an unreadable product description over a mobile phone.


More Outsourcing Services

Bulk Listing Upload

Whether you have 10 or 10,000 listings, we help you upload them in one click. There is not a job too big or too small. Best of all, you do not need to share your eBay username / password!


eBay Buyer Communication

Our Virtual Assistants are trained to handle all sorts of buyers’ communication. They will work according to your policies and standards to handle professionally both simple and challenging situations.


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