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Are Your Listings Mobile Optimised?

Last year 67% of eBay visits came from mobile devices. Make sure listings display properly on mobile.eBay Inc.


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Do You Need Responsive Listing & Store Templates?

Unquestionably Yes!

An eBay Store & Listing template, done the right way, add a perspective of quality, trustworthiness, and consistency to your brand – which consequently attract and retain more customers.

eBay has recently announced that in 2016, 67% of eBay visits came from mobile devices. Furthermore, they asserted that 2.3 items were sold via a mobile device every second. Not implementing a state of the art responsive templates is simply giving away – in charity – to your competitors any customers accessing eBay via a smartphone or tablet device – 67% of them!

If you already have implemented templates, please make sure that they are:

  1. Fully Responsive with all known mobiles and tablets, otherwise you will be limiting your market share to 33% of potential Buyers.
  2. Fully compliant with eBay’s [No Active Content Policy], otherwise eBay will disable your template.

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Why Our Templates?

Our intuitive engaging designs have proven low bounce rate and high conversion ratio, resulting in higher ranking in search results.

If you seek to improve sales instantaneously, it is fundamental that you make ALL your listings mobile-friendly. To help you get there, we’ve designed an assortment of top performing responsive templates. Each comes with it’s own installation guide, 5 Star support, and an optional setup service.

All our templates have the following in common:

Responsive eBay Store & Listing Templates

  Q: What’s the ROI of tapping into 67% more customers?


  • Elegant, Modern, and Brilliant Designs.
  • Compliant with all web2.0 recommendations.
  • Retina Designs with Unlimited Colors.
  • 100% eBay and SEO friendly.
  • 100% Mobile, Tablet, and eBay App Optimised.
  • 0% Active Content – 100% Complaint with eBay Active Content Policy.
  • Pure 100% HTML/CSS
  • Intuitive navigation, with universal design – suitable for all kinds of products.
  • Detailed implementation guides – no HTML knowledge is required.
  • Unlimited space for Description, Custom tabs, with an elaborate Image Gallery.
  • Up to 3 level hierarchy of your store Categories.
  • Left Side Bar with space specifically located to publish announcements, ads, and offers.
  • eCommerce Level Footer, with Contact Information in Footer and Header.
  • Work on all eBay Stores, UK, USA, AU, EU etc.
  • Compatible with all Latest Browsers.
  • Improved buyer shopping experience.
  • Traffic and sales proved to increase by up to 67%.
  • Optional Installation into your eBay Account.

Act now to capture buyer’s attention, attract more customers and outshine competition

eBay Listing Optimisation

We help you score best selling products and research top performing keywords and titles. In a niche market or across categories, utilizing a repeatable and proven methodology.


More Outsourcing Services

Bulk Listing Upload

Whether you have 10 or 10,000 listings, we help you upload them in one click. There is not a job too big or too small. Best of all, you do not need to share your eBay username / password!


Order & Inventory Management

How long does it take you to process your daily orders and maintain your inventory? How about cutting it short by a factor of 100! Just image the time you will be saving, hundreds of hours per month. That’s gotta be worth a fortune!


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  • 0% Active Content
  • Unlimited Colors
  • Universal Design


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