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Bulk Listing Upload

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Bulk Listing Upload



From start-ups to mega sellers, we are here to help. We will fully automate this agonizing manual task for you.

A database file will be prepared for all your listings. This file will include references to all elements of the listing [title, images, price, quantity, description, html, etc.]. This file is then uploaded to eBay in one click [without sharing your eBay logon details].

Read more about our Bulk Upload Outsourcing Service. Have more questions? Check our FAQ page.



Your eBay business is all about listings. Once a listing is uploaded to eBay it is analysed by the search algorithm, and it is allocated a search results ranking grade. This process done right, reaps gold! Done wrong, on the other hand, sales could hit rock bottom.

With eBay it is straightforward, the more products you have and the more listings, the greater your chances of selling. Assuming all elements of the listing are ready for upload, this process done manually could take 20 mins [aided by some basic technical skills]. If you have a few listings, that is manageable. If you are considering growth, this process must be automated. Avoid opportunity loss of storing unlisted stock, avoid the pain of hundreds of hours of manual labor, go ahead and list those products even before they reach your warehouse – all with a click of a button!

This service provides exactly that. Uploading all your listings in one go, that is zero mins for you! To read more about this automation service, kindly check our Bulk Upload Outsourcing Service.


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