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eBay Store Template Installation

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eBay Store Template Installation


Our professionals have implemented 1000’s of eBay store templates. This task could be daunting for some of our customers, but it is a piece of cake for us. Let our team assist, while you enjoy a cup of coffee.



Installing your eBay Store Template is not the hardest job. Although it could involve some light technical tasks, but with our DIY manual, the whole process will be easily manageable. However, if you feel your time is better spent on other important tasks, we are here to support you – our professionals have done this 1000’s of times and will guarantee quick professional results.

This service involves the following:

  1. Installing main store page.
  2. Installing internal pages (about us, shipping, payment, etc.).
  3. Updating Styles and CSS.
  4. Modifying the product box and payment buttons.
  5. Updating all links, logo, images on your template pages.
  6. Customising colors according to your brand.
  7. Integrating Banners, Sliders, and Promotional content that you wish to integrate with your store.
  8. Your eBay username / password are not required for this task.

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