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Active eBay Listings Revision

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Active eBay Listings Revision


Revise & update your active listings to integrate your new templates or apply title/price changes in bulk.

Note: If you need to revise more than 500 listings, kindly contact us for special price.




Having many listings is a bless, always a sign of healthy eBay business. However, when it comes to updating them, it could be a real nightmare. It is a slow and agonizing process when done manually – definitely the worst use of your time. Outsource this task today and enjoy the power of automation – all your listings updated with a click of a button.

This service involves the following:

  1. Updating all your active listings with your new listing template.
  2. Bulk revising your titles, categories, prices, and quantities.
  3. Your listings will be converted into a database for easy future updates.
  4. You receive full access to your listings database.
  5. Your eBay credentials are not required for this task.

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